CINCO DE MAYO- $400 Beer Pong Tourney @ Cappy’s

CINCO DE MAYO- $400 Beer Pong Tourney @ Cappy’s

  • Location:5560 S. 48th, Lincoln, NE
  • Venue:Cappy's
  • Length:10:00 pm


Join PartyDogz.com & Cappy’s every Tuesday night for weekly beer pong tournament $400 guaranteed payout.

$250 1st Place / $100 2nd Place / $50 3rd place

$5 Per Person – $10/team
May play on 2 teams but must have different partner for each team

Sign up between 9PM & 10:15PM
Tournament starts at 10:10PM.

If you are going to be late please text Jeff @ 402-601-2564 with your name, team name and partner to get put into the bracket before 10PM.

These rules are designed with three purposes in mind:
– Fairness to all players
– Efficiency in running a maximum number of games simultaneously
– Minimization of possible disputes between participants

These rules are meant to be applied to all PartyDogz.com sanctioned events.

1. Rock paper scissors to determine the team that starts.
2. Elbows may not cross the front of the table. 1 Warning will be given. Each addition violation will result in lost shot. If cup is made the cup will not be removed.
3. No distractions.
4. Automatic re-racks after each cup made.
5. Bounce is worth 2 cups (can be swatted)
6. No rebuttals unless down to 1 cup vs 1 cup
7. Bounces are allowed even when it is 1×1 and it will not matter how many cups are left.
8. No bounces are allowed during the whole game if 1 player is playing on 2 tables at the same time.
9. Both balls from any team must both be played and have had to had contact with something before the opposing team can take their turn.
10. If a ball is shot and made before re-rack it will not count.
11. The person running the beer pong tournament can not play in the tournament
12. Any cup knocked over at any time during the game will be eliminated.
13. A knocked over cup is considered a made cup. All made cup rules apply.
14. Any ball touched before it comes in contact with anything is considered a made cup (unless it is a bounced ball)
15. To be considered to be a bounce the ball must first hit the table for it to be worth 2 cups.
16. A shot is live and counts when it goes into a cup for any reason until the defender has it in their hand.
17. No bounce backs.
18. No fingering or blowing.
19. Players may not make contact with their table or drink while their opponents are shooting.
20. Winning team reports win to tournament director.
21. Call all penalties and inform director if there are any discrepancies before next ball is thrown.
22. In the event that a member or both members of a team are kicked out of the venue that the tournament is being held that team will be forfeited from the tournament and NO REFUND will be offered.
23. Both members of a team must be present to start a game. If both team members do not show up in within 5 minutes that team will forfeit that match.
24. Each team member will be given 1 minute to shoot their shot.
25. If a team member leaves the table for any reason that person will be warned to return. If they do not return within a 2 minute time period that team will forfeit the game.

1. 2 cups vs 2 cups shooting team makes 2 cups game over. (made bounce game over)
2. Team A has 1 cup in front of them Team B has 2 cups in front of them Team A is shooting
* Team A makes both cups Team B has 2 shots to make last cup if not made game over
3. Team A has 1 cup in front of them Team B has 2 cups in front of them Team B is shooting
* Team B makes the last cup, game over
4. Team A has 1 cup left and Team B has 1 cup left
*Team A makes 1 cup, Team B has to make 1 cup or game over
*Team A makes both cups, Team B has to make both shots or 1 bounce. or game over
*Team A makes a bounce, Team B has to make both shots or 1 bounce or game over.
5, Team A has 1 cup left and Team B has 1 cup left
*Team A makes 1 cup, Team B makes both shots or a bounce, Team A will have to make 1 cup or game over.

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